Thursday, February 28, 2008

56 Reasons to Contact the Media

The media, particularly newspapers, are in constant need for new inforamtion. Many people think the media only need in depth news stories. Here are 56 reasons to get in touch with the press. Brainstorm and you will discover even more!

Alliance with another organization
Annual Report
Appearances at major events
Board or Committee Appointments
Articles written about or by you
Awards you’re receiving
Books you have authored
Book/Newsletter/Magazine mentions
Classes your firm is sponsoring
Company anniversary
Contests you’re sponsoring
Charitable contributions
Local angle on national stories or controversial topics
Death of corporate figure
Employee trips
Expanded facilities
Expanded or reduce hours
Free Demonstrations
Free Offers
Free samples
Grants you’re giving or receiving
Guest speaker you’re hosting
Holiday events
Hostile Takeover
Industry groups you are joining
Industry programs in which you are participating
Major industry changes
Job Change/promotions
Land purchases
Lawsuits field or settled
New markets
Name change
New employees
New major client
New product rollouts
Newsletters you are starting
New Address
Open House
TV/Radio Interviews
Product recalls
Public Service Announcements
Stock Offering
Publication launch
Real Estate Transaction
Sales Promotions

Monday, February 4, 2008

Turning Publicity Into Cash

When you here the words “free publicity” do you automatically think radio, TV, or newspaper? If so that’s common.

However there are vast publicity avenues that will gain you just as much mileage, and even more money. It’s called “Niche’ Publicity” Let me give you an example. Some years ago in addition to my speaking/consulting business, I owned a company called LifeSaver of Alabama. We built and installed protection fences to keep toddlers from drowning. Not the traditional wood privacy fence but a removable, mesh, deterrent fence. At that time I sent 2000 direct mail pieces to homeowners in and around my home in Birmingham AL. Knowing that most direct mail generates a return of 1 or 2%, how high do you think the return was? It was 67%!!!


How did we do it? We sent our mail piece to $150,000 plus homes, with a swimming pool, with an income in excess of $80,000 with a KNOWN toddler inresidence. And since we are the only game in town, voila’! (You can learn how to create such a target niche’ at one of my seminars)

Let's take another look at niche publicity. Let's say you sell securities (stocks and bonds), probably 95% of the readers of your local newspaper would/could never be a prospect. Doesn’t it make more sense to reach a readership where 100% of those that read about you are potential buyers? Well would it or not?

Did you know there are newsletters with subscriber bases that exceed 200,000 people such as:
*Mutual Fund Investor
*Today’s Investor
*High Net Investor
*Real Estate Marketing Report
*And THOUSANDS more!

Not only in the financial services sector but Manufacturing, Automobile, Insurance, Communications, Medical, Restaurant, Internet, Public Relations, even waiters and waitresses can get in on the fun. (Yep even service professionals have a publication - it’s called “Tables”)

And again, thousands more! Additionally there are radio programs with formats ranging from Christian issues, to Finances, to Golf. Moreover there are countless associations, organizations, and groups who have their own newsletter. These groups are begging for professionals such as you to write articles for their publication(s). And they are jam packed with like minded professional people who are dedicated, loyal clients. So if you wish to truly maximize your exposure think of publicity in terms of prospect tight compartments. Penetrate these specialty groups, call them, offer to write an article relevant to their readers. Ask their publisher what topics are most important to them.

Go to the library, find these niche’ publications, contact them, and offer your services. Call the local radio stations, find out what program formats they offer. Talk to the show’s producer. Ask how you can help them. If you wish to see your income double or triple, you must get all the PR/Publicity you can. But focus on groups who can buy and save courting the “feel good” exposure (What I like to call "Ego Publicity") until you have exhausted the smaller outlets.

Think about this. One article, in a newsletter or specialty magazine, with a readership of 50,000. That’s 50,000 potential clients, reading an article written by someone they now perceive as an expert (that’s you). The article will take about 2 hours to write and edit. (Don’t worry if you cannot write, most editors are forgiving and will help). The byline has your contact information. You will reach more people with 2 hours of work then you could in 5 years. AND you have the added benefit of them calling you.

Geez ya'll just do it!