Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How to get your story in the news

All news has a “story”. All stories are not news. If you wish to see your story hit the news stand or the airwaves it is mandatory you find the local angle. In other words why do we, the viewing public, care? Your idea must be informative, compelling, and yes entertaining to the media and to their customer – the viewer/reader. Let me give you an example: In addition to my speaking and consulting business I onced own a firm call Life Saver of Alabama. Life Saver builds and installs removable mesh pool fences to keep toddlers from drowning. When first opened this business was unique to Birmingham Alabama. I convinced myself that a simple release with the headline; “Life Saver Pool Fence comes to Birmingham” would pull massive story requests. I was wrong. (There’s is a simple lesson here. I do this for a living and even I misjudged the media’s interest, at least at first)

I went back to my bag of tricks and did some hard core research on child drowning. Not just the statistics offered by the franchiser. I wanted to learn how this preventable tragedy affected people in my hometown. (I was looking for the local angle) A week later I sent a new release. (Actually it was the EXACT same release with a different headline. For the sake of clarity this was a blind release. No phone calls were made. Although I own a good piece of this business I am known locally as a speaker and business consultant. I did not want to muddy those waters by putting myself out there. I sent the release and asked my partner to field any response) The new headline . . .
Is a Child Killer Lurking in Your Backyard?
Eleven children will die needlessly by this Labor Day in Birmingham alone.


It was an instant success! Within nine days - fourteen radio interviews, three live on-air television news stories, one full feature story in the Birmingham News, one color feature story in Birmingham Magazine. And one guest appearance on the morning show the day after Miss Alabama had been crowned, with miss Alabama on the set. Oh the humanity! But as Tony Soprano would say, in addition to %$#@!, BADA BING, the release caught the imagination of the local press. The story was personalized and we shared how the tragedy affected their readers and viewers. In other words there was something to be gained from watching/reading the piece and a community service was performed. Some story ideas you might consider include:
* Investment advisors might pitch a story on how Enron, AOL, Aldelphia, etc. is affecting local investor confidence
* Mortgage rates are at all time lows at this time and the bottom falling of due to the credit crunch. Housing starts are slowing. Hey real estate agents, here’s your angle
* Car sales have been slumping nationwide, how can buyers in your town use this to their benefit?
* Storms have plagued much of the country. How can homeowners avoid being defrauded by unscrupulous contractors?
* Stockbroker and mutual fund manager misconduct is in the news. How can an investor avoid being taken advantage of?
* People who sell swimming pools might pitch a story on how to “close” a pool for the winter or maintain it during the cold months. Remember to pitch again in the Spring.
* At this writing Christmas is around the corner. Small retailers might offer insights about the benefits of early shopping.They might also wish to submit a story on the advantages of buying from a smaller merchant versus a mega retailer
* Landscaping contractors would do well to sell a story idea on winter lawn care or seasonal grasses. Remember to contact the media again when the temperatures begin to climb.

The opportunities are endless!
Newspapers and electronic media have a huge amount of space/time to fill – help them fill it. One client of Michael Hart Speaks LLC in Florida put together a story idea on how the elderly can avoid being scammed by unscrupulous financial advisors. Since his market area has many elderly people the story was well received. So much so this fellow got four articles placed in the same paper. Additionally he was asked to do several radio interviews and marketing promos for the station during the program day. PLUS he is in negotiations for his very own weekly radio program to address the same ongoing issue. He will be PAID to promote his own business!!!! (Can you say “Welcome to America”) All from one locally slanted article and a couple of well placed and followed up press releases.His own radio program! Tell me the media folks are not starved for new ideas!In case you haven’t figured it out yet selling the media is not unlike any other type of sale. A sale is a sale, only the buyers’ change.
My client in Florida is actually considering abandoning all individual cold prospecting and focusing exclusively on selling his ideas to the media for mass distribution. My contention, and luckily I got him to agree, is that it takes the same energy and effort to pitch one person as it does forty. (This is why I'm such an advocate of selling in public seminars) However in this example you are not putting your name in front of forty people, but rather forty-thousand, OR MORE! Would you like to learn even more insider tricks to get your slice of the media pie?
If so, you absolutely must get your hands on my signature tape series “Media Blitz". In this two-CD program I teach you exactly how to get your name, idea, product or cause in front on tens of thousands of interested prospects by way of massive media exposure. Normally this program retails for $99.00 but as a reader of this ezine it can be yours for the insanely low price of just $49.95. If you’re serious about building your sales career for a fraction of what others pay, and make more money in less time, here’s your chance.Simply contact me, toll free, at 205-678-9661. We accept all major credit cards. The program comes with a money back guarantee and I’ll even throw in unlimited phone consultations for three months to assure your success. Folks this is the exact same information fortune 500 corporations pay me $5000.00 to reveal to them, all yours for the price of a movie and popcorn. So what are you waiting for? Call now 205-678-9661


Caryn said...

I love the pool fence company story. CT

cscmth said...

this is from jackson county georgia i need help getting this in the public anthony miller is an escaped convict at least they say : the police wouldnt even listen to his side of the story they just threw him in jail cause of his back ground the story is this: his girl friend and his sister was fighting he just had got off work walked in the door they were fighting his sisters daughter jumps in he picks her up and moves her out of the way so she dont get hurt his sister was mad so she told the cops he chocked his own neese they belived it cause his name the two that were fighting didnt even go to jail he should of never been in prison he served five years till he found out he was going to go back and do another year so he ran he lost both his mom and his dad in prison imagine going to there funerals in hand cuffs and shakles every time jackson county get him they beat him so bad he cant move, use the bathroom wont let us see him till he is better he is still on the run this world is becoming like were living in hell the justice system dont care about the truth just how big there names get love u lobo

Maria said...


April 25,2011 at aproximately 5 p.m central time, a 15 year old boy walks into his mother's bedroom while she was in the restroom, and in front of a visitor proceeds to ingest 90 pills as fast as he can in an attempt to take his own life. After a brief moment of shock the visitor pulled what he could out and dialed 911.

April 26, 2011-After being medically stabalized and transferred to the behaviral center by orders of his psychiatrist, as he'd been a phychiactric patient for several years, and this was his second attempt. During the uptake assesment when asked again why he keeps trying to do this he proceeded to look at his mother, apologize and sob as he gave a very graphic detail of the rape he endured from his uncle and the severe and what can only be labeled as haulicostic conditions he was put through in the time that he was in his father's care who not only participated but more over allowed his stepmother to do to him including: beatings, lashings, locked in a mak shift laundry room for up to six hour, kneeling on rice so long that his crying faded the wall paper and his knees still bare the scars, made to sleep outside if he did not collecte enough rocks for the landscaping to earn his bed and privelage to eat, leaving his two sisters to sneak him water every chance they got, breaking chairs over his head, and finally being threatened with inprisonment if he ever told anyone of the rape then to add insult to injury being left behind to his mother after telling his father he was gay, with not even so much as a written notice to the mother of the children he shared custody with.The list goes on.

After being denied services from every resource provided to her by local officials as this incident and the legal entities involved lef her with no money as she too is disabled due to lupus and recieves only 702 dollars a month.

Then to find out that neither county in which these crimes took place have so much as even touched the case due to friendly politics and instead began to focus the attack on the mother who saved him instead of the uncle who raped him.

You won't believe she recieved in reference to this atrocious rape and obvious misuse of political power, it truly lets you know that you just cant be poor if you want justice. You have to be white, go to aruba, get drunk and dissapear for the rape to count. His uncle is happy in Canada and he still lays in bed all day long with his ear phones on.