Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Death of Public Relations?

Lately there has been a flurry of queries from reporters that use both PR Newswire and Help a Reporter (HARO) regarding information on the future of the Public Relations industry.

Businesses are not only cutting training budgets but slashing advertising and all but emliminating PR and communications departments. These reporters are seeking DIY (Do it yourself) Public Relations strategy information for a wide range of articles. I have also learned of a couple of websites that seek to place displaced PR people willing to freelance, with firms that have dumped their agencies over budget cuts.

The trend seems to be towards helping firms do their own press work. This on top of this companies are seeking out low and no cost marketing ideas to offset the loss of advertising budgets.

To really "stir the puddin", the press is in a panic because the loss of these PR firms and agents means a severe reduction in their sources and fresh story pitches and quotes.

While a dilemma for both the media and public relations agencies this situation provides some incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals to get some very serious exposure.

The media needs new sources now more than ever and the most prolific contributer, the Public Relations industry is shrinking. Never before have DIY publicity practioners had so much opportunity to exploit the media's appetite for information and gain priceless exposure.

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