Monday, November 10, 2008

Wacky Publicity Stunts

Recently I started a search for some wacky ways PR pros are grabbing the attention of the press. I received literally hundreds of responses. I do this every once in a while to hopefully get your creative juices flowing. The point is to be wacky, creative and COURAGEOUS!
Here are some of the best.

I’m a book publicist fighting to get my clients noticed in an over populated, over stimulated world of books. With around 100,000 books published last year, it can be VERY difficult to make a splash and even harder to make a sale with our dwindling economy. One of the things I’ve taken to doing is raffling off interesting items at our book events. The item needs to be eye-catching, desirable, and relevant. My last two have been very successful in their respective markets. One being a casket bookcase from that you can use now to hold your books and later to hold your body (no, really you could actually be buried in it), this for When the Sun Goes Down, a book on planning your own funeral in a fun and creative way. The casket, needless to say, get a LOT of attention everywhere we take it. Bookstores, libraries, trade shows, no one can resist coming to see what all the hub-bub is about around this looming, but impeccably crafted, beautifully creepy bookcase. The second, less shocking, item is a Keurig coffee machine that accompanies a children’s book called Escapade Johnson and The Coffee Shop of the Living Dead. The Keurig is so easy a child can use it and that’s exactly what we allow to happen. Kids who come to the events are given pods of hot cocoa and allowed to make themselves a steaming cup while they listen to the history of their drink as told by the author in the story. The parents get in on the fun too and enjoy tea and coffee while the kids listen. One lucky entrant wins a machine each month thanks to the fine folks at Keurig and our author is known as the guy with the coffee machine, getting bookings all over the region.

Submitted by Carol Corbett Director of Marketing & Publicity
Publishing Works
60 Winter Street
Exeter, NH 03833
P: 603-772-7200
F: 603-772-1980


I just did a story on a Great Clips franchise in Safety Harbor Florida that is offering $3.00 Ray Hawk Haircuts in support of the Tampa Bay Rays in the Baseball World Series
Great ClipsShoppes at Harbour Point100 Main Street Safety Harbor, FL 34695
(727) 712-3900
Sandra McKennaMickChick Productions


Well the CEO of Canpages shaved his head on YouTube after losing a bet with his SEO over his ability to increase Canpages Unique Visitors from 30,000 to 3 million. Canpages currently receives approximately 50% of the total traffic that gets, according to, and other online traffic meter tools. People love the idea of a CEO humiliating himself so publicly... see for yourself plan.”(Watch the original video of CEO getting head shaved

Anne Howard
514) 523-3771 Canada (310)-295-9578 Los Angeles

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